The Best Hats And Headwear Of THON 2018

A hat is a great accessory to complete your festive THON look. Many attendees at the BJC this weekend are taking advantage of this underrated article of clothing to make themselves really stand out. If you take a lap around the BJC concourse, you could see some of these crazy hats and headwear:


Molly O’Keefe (Everyday) is modeling a rainbow propeller hat while walking around the concourse.


Logan Williams (Penn State York) is wearing all red with a hat that sparkles and shines like Four Diamonds.

Margot California (Atlas) is sporting one of the traditional fuzzy pink hats that the Atlas organization has become known for over the past decade or so.

Skyler Nordmeyer and Emma Bright (Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Gamma Rho) are wearing headbands that are out of this world!

Thomas Schneyer needed something more than a hat. When asking why he chose to wear a horse head, his comment was, “Neigh.”

Sporting a cool hat of your own this THON Weekend? Show us what you’re rockin’ in the comments section.

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