What’s In Your Fanny Pack?

After watching countless committee members and dancers walk around with fanny packs, I began to wonder what exactly was in them.  So I took a trip around the concourse and through the stands and asked these pro-THON-goers what they had to keep with them at all times. So here is a list of the absolute must-have and sometimes unpredictable items that should be found in a fanny pack at THON.


These three ENT committee members brought with them their instructed survival guides, chapstick, deodorant, mints, pens, gum, bubbles, 2 squirt guns (one for each hand), a quarter, and granola bars.


These committee members decided that their fanny packs needed to include a portable phone charger, a clementine, chapstick, a hacky-sack, squirt guns, and disposable cameras.  Because every 46 hour dance marathon needs a hacky-sack.


Public Relations

The PR committee brought with them sour patch, clout goggles, portable charger, their survival guides, chapstick, money, and their phones.  Clout goggles are definitely the FIRST thing that should go in a THON fanny pack.

Rules and Regulations

These girls from R&R brought with them snacks, a squirt gun, portable chargers, bubbles, and a pompom.  I agree that if I was enforcing the rules and regs I would most definitely need a squirt gun and a pompom.


The girls from trilogy needed chapstick, grandma butterscotch candy, portable chargers, and empty candy wrappers in their fanny packs.  Grandma would be proud of you girls.

Of course it’s impossible to fit all of these items into a small fanny pack but many people had the same consistent five items or so.  Now I know that if I were ever to consider dancing at THON what to bring and keep with me at all times.  Always have your phone charger, chapstick, snacks, money, and survival guide.  And also, be prepared to get soaked by squirt guns. #FTK

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Lydia Novak

Lydia is currently a freshman studying Broadcast Journalism hoping to double minor in Psychology and Theatre. She is from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina also known as "the place where it is always warm and sunny." She is a huge sports addict and most definitely trusts the process. She also loves pasta. Send her complaints or criticism at [email protected]


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