[Photo Story] Final Four Hours Of THON 2018

The most highly anticipated hours of THON came quick this year. The final four hours are jam-packed with entertainment as the final countdown begins until dancers sit and the THON 2018 total is revealed.

Family Hour

The Knepp family is the first to speak during THON 2018 Family Hour. They share the story of their son Landon, who was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk Neuroblastoma and declared cancer free in 2016.
The Krieder family is the next to grace the BJC stage. They share the story of their son Landon who was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was only 5-years old.
The Nittany Lion and the crowd watch as the “Where Are They Now” presentation is played.
Members on the floor embrace during Family Hour.
The final family to speak during Family Hour is the Hope Maldonado family, whose daughter passed away from cancer.
Those on the floor lock arm in arm and sway while watching the “Celebration of Life” video, which honors those who lost their lives far too soon.
Spectators are brought to tears watching the Celebration of Life presentation.
Family Hour comes to an emotional close and reminds us all why we THON: For The Kids.

Go Go Gadget

Beloved final four veteran Go Go Gadjet lights up the BJC in the final hour of THON 2018.
The stands are rocking to the electric final performance by Go Go Gadjet.
No better time for a hair whip than the final song before the THON 2018 dancers sit.

Final Line Dance

The THON 2018 executive committee performs the final line dance.

Dancers Sit

After 46 hours, the dancers show nothing but pure relief as they finally sit.

Total Reveal

THON 2018 raised $10,151,663.93, all #FTK

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