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Staff Picks: Best Places To Cry On Campus

Well, it’s that time of year again. With the sweet bliss of Thanksgiving break behind us and finals week approaching quickly, things are getting rough for Penn State students.

We were inspired by a recent post on the Penn State subreddit to compile our best picks for the best spots to cry around campus. From the comfort of your own room to the former site of the JoePa statue, there are plenty of great places around campus to just let it all out.

Shannon Soboslay: Your Econ Exam Review

The best place to cry on campus is whatever room your Econ exam review is happening in. As someone who has experience here, there really is nothing like having that TA ask you to answer a review question, and you look down at your packet only to see that all the graphs have been smudged by tears.

Now, there’s an upside to this. You get to have the attention of the TA after the review and ask all the questions you felt too dumb to ask in front of everyone else. The room is mostly flexible because let’s be honest, Econ shows mercy to nobody.

Colleen Nersten: Pollock Testing Center Bathroom

Not that I did this today or anything, but the Pollock Testing Center bathroom is unmatched. There is absolutely no judgment here because, well, we’ve all been there. It’s a mere four steps away from the exit of the notorious testing room… talk about convenient.

Luckily the bathroom is separated by a tiny hallway so you can sob in peace. There are two stalls, so if you need to take your time, others are able to urinate in peace. 10/10 would recommend.

Lauren Wysseier: Findlay Commons

To me, the ideal spot to cry on campus is Findlay Dining Commons. As I swipe my Penn State ID to enter the dining hall, I am inevitably reminded of how low I am on meal points and that soon, I’ll have to hesitantly ask my parents to refill my account and endure a lecture about responsible spending.

Dining hall food truly tastes best when paired with a nice cry, whether it be over my plummeting meal points, finals, or the fact that I really miss my dog.

Alysa Rubin: Hammond Building Bathrooms

While they may be small, the bathrooms in the Hammond Building are a perfect place to let it all out. Although Hammond is often busy with students, heading to the bathrooms during classes is perfect because nobody is around, so you’ll have some privacy.

Since there are only two stalls per bathroom, they make a perfect location to openly sob. Also, the bigger stall of the two has a chair, so you can make yourself quite comfortable while you cry.

Mikey Mandarino: Center Ice at Pegula

If I ever need to let out some raw emotion and just bawl my eyes out after a tough time, I head straight to Pegula Ice Arena and plant myself right on the Nittany Lion logo at center ice. This is, believe it or not, a very practical option because your tears will freeze into the ice and, therefore, eliminate your need for tissues or napkins to wipe the tears away.

Pegula Ice Arena was also designed to be loud and echo-y, so the sound of your emotions reverberating throughout the 6,000-seat rink might be cathartic in some way. Getting onto the ice of Pegula might be an issue — especially if the men’s or women’s team is having practice when you’re feeling sad — but Pegula Ice Arena just might be your best option if you need to cry.

Dana Nunemacher: On The Way To Class

Just do it on the way to class. You’re in college now, people, toughen up and just start openly crying! We aren’t in elementary school or high school anymore, so don’t try to hide it. There’s nothing like a blurry-eyed view of Old Main or seeing red, puffy eyes in your reflection as you walk by the Huck Life Science Building.

This nice walk to class will also let you reflect on your emotions as you take in the beautiful views of Penn State. Maybe just ditch the whole class thing and cry your way to the Creamery. Ice cream fixes everything!

Michael Tauriello: Outside Thomas 100

As soon as you walk out of your evening exam that you just failed in Thomas 100, you’re met with some insanely good mood lighting. The lighting is dark but not too dark. It’s just enough to keep people guessing as to whether that’s just your face or if you’re actually crying. All you have to do is be one of the last few students that leave the exam, sit down, put some earbuds in (optional), make sure it’s not too busy, and let those tears flow.

Not sad from an exam? No problem. No one’s really in that part of the building after 7 p.m., so it’s perfect for any day of the week. Everyone needs a good cry, and this is the perfect option.

Matt Ogden: The Former Location Of The JoePa Statue

Aside from bursting into tears because of the sheer beauty of the Arboretum, my number one place to cry is the former site of the JoePa statue, now replaced with a fraudulent lawn and fraudulent trees.

My favorite gameday tradition is going to the statue location, pouring out a crisp can of Hamm’s, nourishing the grass with my tears and shouting “Sculptor Angelo Di Maria of Reading, Pennsylvania didn’t put two to three months of blood, sweat, tears, and good old fashioned Italian elbow grease into this statue only to have his life’s worked melted down into Board of Trustees friendship bracelets! Mamma mia!” to the Heavens.

So, as you head into finals week and need a place to let out a good cry between your exams there is no shortage of bathrooms, hallways, and classrooms fit for all of your emotional needs.

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