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Staff Picks: The Worst Intersection In State College

State College is a bustling borough filled with pedestrians, cars, and everything in between. With thousands of college kids roaming around and never-ending construction projects popping up day in and day out, things can get pretty hectic on the roads.

One of the worst parts of the layout of State College is the number of tricky and horribly constructed intersections around campus and downtown. Naturally, our staff set out to discuss its least favorite crossings throughout the borough and on Penn State’s campus.

Michael Tauriello: Curtin & Burrowes

While you’re right by notable places like Rec Hall and the Nittany Lion Shrine, the intersection adjacent to these two landmarks is atrocious. For one thing, you’ve got cars that don’t know how to use their turn signals. Sometimes, those driving straight on from Burrowes onto Curtin feel the need to turn their turn signal on, which can be rather misleading.

Additionally, everyone seems to forget about the right of way rules whenever they pull up to this intersection. People don’t know when to cross the street, and some cars just sit there while they watch cars that pulled up after them go by.

And don’t even get me started on the passengers that randomly get out of a car at one of these stop signs. To be fair, I’ve done this once, and it can be pretty convenient. Nonetheless, it’s a stressful intersection.

Lindsay Tagliere: Pollock & Shortlidge

The intersection of Pollock and Shortlidge by Thomas Building is absolutely horrendous. At any given moment, it’s flooded with pedestrians who will walk out into the crosswalks (or even straight out into the road) without looking, regardless of whether or not you’ve already begun to turn.

Aside from the pedestrians, other drivers seem to forget how the right of way works, causing complete pandemonium. If I’m driving around campus, I’m going completely out of my way to avoid it.

Shannon Darcy: Allen & Calder

In my opinion, I think that South Allen and West Calder Way is the worst of all downtown intersections. For one, Calder is a very beat-up and narrow road. It has so many potholes and no sidewalks.

Whenever I drive on this road, I always think I can go, and then a light turns green or students walk in front of my car. And it doesn’t help that the stop sign on Calder is so far back, so it’s impossible to see!

Dana Nunemacher: Curtin & University Drive

The intersection of Curtin Road and University Drive has caused me stress for as long as I can remember. The green lights at this intersection are probably the longest green lights in America, which is great when I’m driving.

However, when I go for my ~evening jogs~, it seems that I’m adding at least three minutes of waiting at this intersection. It gets so bad that sometimes I even start talking to the other people stuck on the corner with me.

I am quite convinced that the crosswalk lights don’t even work and are just another ploy for Eric Barron to steal my money.

Connor Donohue: South Atherton & Fairmount

This one is a little ways off campus. But since I live on Atherton, it’s an intersection that bugs me daily.

In order to make a right turn onto Fairmount, you have to make a left turn right in front of a blind hill, meaning you don’t see oncoming traffic. The left turn lane is also weirdly skinny and there’s a pedestrian crossing sign that you almost clip every time on your right.

If you want to cross Atherton, you need to deal with the hill directly to your left and speeding traffic on your right. I would highly suggest taking a long way around rather than trying to navigate this dangerous intersection.

Matt DiSanto: University Drive & College Ave.

We once called it the worst intersection around for a reason, folks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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