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Staff Picks: Worst Campus Walks

We all know buses are packed in the middle of the day and sometimes you have no choice but to walk to get to your next class.

However, some of those classes are nearly impossible to get to in those 15 minutes you have to get from one place to another. Other times, a walk to a certain class can just be brutal for various reasons. Some of our staffers weighed in on which on-campus walk is the worst.

Gracie Mullan: BJC Parking Lot To Willard Building

The worst walk on campus is from the BJC commuter lot to the Willard Building. I have several classes in Willard that are all, conveniently, at the worst possible times. Sure, the Red Link and Blue Loop are both available to pick up students from the lot, but sometimes there are so many students vying for a seat on the bus that the driver must leave some behind, leaving many late to their classes by 15 to 30 minutes in the worst of cases. This walk must be 30 minutes long, so you have to plan ahead by an hour or so.

Sarah Lynn DeCarlo: Westgate Building To Agricultural Sciences Building

For the past two semesters, I️ have had the luxury of walking from west campus to north campus. This semester, I️ walk from Westgate to the Agricultural Sciences Building, which is across from the Business Building. Last semester’s walking commute was extended by 20 minutes because my professor would end every class early, but this semester, my professor goes over class by one minute.

Every minute counts when you’re walking nearly a full mile with a slight uphill incline. As someone with short legs, I️ can only walk so far and so fast. I️ make it to class just in time, but I’m winded and usually sporting a runny nose from the cold. Thank you to LionPATH for scheduling my classes on completely opposite sides of campus!

Brendan Wagner: Pollock Halls To The Kern Building

It was my 8 a.m. freshman year, and the walk seemed farther and farther every day.

Rico Gore: Electrical Engineering West Building To Thomas Building

The worst walk I have had so far has got to be from Engineering West to Thomas. Yes, it is pretty flat, so that isn’t the issue. However, it just feels never-ending. First, you have the trek across Westgate just to get back onto campus. Once you’re on campus, you realize you still have most of the campus to walk through to get to class. The worst part is, this all needs to happen in 15 minutes. There are no true bus routes that cut through the middle of campus on that segment, either. There are no shortcuts — just pure speed walking.

Marie Moyer: Pattee Mall

I have a burning hatred for literally any building located on the Pattee Mall. It’s always uphill for me because I am always coming from buildings that are close to College Avenue. Penn State’s ability to make every route involve some type of uphill walking is a skill, honestly. The sidewalks have zig-zags in the least helpful areas and straight paths in the helpful ones, reducing efficient walking.

Buses don’t drive on Pollock Road, so high-traffic buildings like Willard, Sparks, and Sackett are hard to get to by bus. The process of waiting for a bus, riding the bus, and walking from the bus stop, either around or through the library, to class still takes a hot minute. Most of the time, I just begrudgingly make the commute to these buildings on foot, ending the trip out of breath with a sweaty back and jealousy for the people who have those electric scooters.

Nina Jeffries: Pollock Halls To Chambers Building

During sophomore year, I dreaded this walk every week on Thursdays — mainly due to missing the bus — because it was all uphill and also it rained every Thursday.

Sam Fremin: Electrical Engineering West To Forest Resources Building

Thankfully, I didn’t have to make this trek for too long after I dropped out of the imposing class. These two buildings are on the complete opposite corners of campus — one in the southwest and the other in the northeast. Sometimes, I could make it in the allotted 15 minutes, albeit out of breath and with age inappropriate pain in my shins.

Adam Babetski: BJC Parking Lot To Carnegie Building

These two are painfully far away from each other. It’s not a commute I’ve had to make often, but every time I have, it was because I missed the bus. There’s nothing quite like pulling into a 9 a.m. class puffing, wheezing, and late. One time, I thought I could get away with cheating the system by parking in North Halls and sneaking back to move my car right after class. No dice. I hurried back just to find a warning stuck to my windshield and haven’t done it since. Parking enforcement doesn’t play, folks.

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