Author: Alex Bauer

Alex is a senior from Cheshire, Connecticut majoring in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIENT) and Finance. He is a first generation Penn Stater along with his two sisters. His favorite things are dogs, coffee, and dogs that shoot hot jets of coffee out of their mouths. If you are Mad Online™ about something Alex wrote on the internet, you can send him threatening emails at [email protected], or harass him on Snapchat and Instagram @TheAlexBauer.

Centre County DA Race Muddled With ‘Sexist’ Attack Mailers

The Centre County DA race has been muddled with ‘sexist’ negative mailers attacking current District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller for her use of professionally edited headshots.

Where Is @OnwardState? Hacked Into The Cold, Dark Abyss

If you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to see and/or find Onward State on Twitter, you can thank the dark interwebs and skilled Twitter hackers.

PSU Boombox Guy Starts Boombox Repair GoFundMe

Squirrel Girl, Afro Man, and Bug Girl are just some of the “unique” characters that have graced this campus. But no Penn State “Extraordinary Student” Mount Rushmore would be complete without Boombox Guy.

Louis Freeh Calls For President Barron’s Resignation, Bashes Penn State Administrators After Spanier Verdict

After speculation regarding the validity of a statement from Louis Freeh, the Centre Daily Times verified the statement that calls for President Barron’s resignation (among other attacks) with Freeh’s attorney. At 6:45 p.m. today the Centre Daily Times published an article after receiving an email with the “Statement from Louis J. Freeh.” The statement called […]

A Look At The Centre Daily Times’ Shameful Descent Into Clickbait

Clickbait is the scumbag journalistic art of using sensationalist headlines and social media captions to entice readers into clicking on your stories in an attempt to generate page views and advertising revenue. It appears State College’s own Centre Daily Times is going down this road.

10 Questions With A Commonwealth Campus THON Dancer

Participating in THON at commonwealth campuses presents a unique set of challenges that many University Park students don’t consider. We sat down with PSUGA dancer Bobby Kemp to discuss logistics, challenges, and the overall experience of being a commonwealth campus student dancing in THON 2017.

Sad! A Compilation Of President Donald Trump’s Penn State-Related Tweets

Moments ago, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. Trump’s journey to the Oval Office has been an interesting one. Tapes and emails seem to have steered a majority of the dialogue this election season, but Twitter was also a major focus. From Hillary Clinton telling Donald to delete his […]