The Official Arts Fest-Snapchat Drinking Game… For Everyone Not In State College

It’s Arts Fest, baby. You know what that means: Experiencing the magic of State College in the summer, reuniting with all your friends, losing your security deposit in the final month of your lease (as well as your dignity), spending all the money you’ve made this summer, waiting in very long bar lines, arguing with toothless tow truck drivers, babysitting your light-weight friends, and not going to the actual State College Arts Festival once during your whole trip.

Unfortunately, some of us won’t be able to experience the debauchery of Arts Fest this weekend. But not to fear! Whether you’re out-of-state at your internship, or stuck at home with your hometown friends, you can count on your Art Fest-going friends to record every single damn moment of their trip on Snapchat.

Yes, your friends are so predictable, in fact, that there is actually a way for you to have fun while watching all of their awful Snap stories. So, without further ado, here is your official Arts Fest-Snapchat Drinking Game for those not in State College:

The “We Out Here” Snap

Exit signs on the highway, passing Beaver Stadium, driving down College Ave., you know these snaps. If you see any of these snaps taken by your jabroni friends on their way to State College, crack open a cold one with none of your college boys and finish that sucker dry because that snap means one thing: it’s time to start drinking.

The “I Missed You” Old Main Snap

Photo: Carly Weiss

For every Old Main snap with a caption about how much your friend has missed the building that they’ve never actually been inside of, take a big ol’ drink.

The “Yasss” Day-Drinking Cheers Snap

Photo: Lauren Cooksey

If you see you a snap of your friends showing everyone how cool they are by cheers-ing a bunch of mixed drinks during the day, promptly take a long sip (preferably hard liquor).

 The “Wow, Look How #Lit This Daylong Is” Snap

Panoramas of the crowd, friends being SO original wearing an Allen Iverson, Larry Bird, or some other retro basketball jersey, or the classic “lmao look at me standing on a table and ‘singing’ at a daylong #wild” snap. If you see any of these gems, take a (day)looong drink.

The Bar Line Snap

Photo: Steffen Blanco

Every time a friend shows you how hard life is because they have to wait in Arts Fest bar lines, take a drink, shake your head, and pity their tough, tough life.

 The “Angels Among Us” Snap

Arts Fest is tough.

We’ve all been there. After you make sure your pal’s ok, pour one out for the homie whose night has come to an end (unless they’re able to boot and rally, that is) and finish your drink in their honor.

Literally Any Snap With The Dancing Hot Dog

Firmly grasp it and knock that bad boy back. Once you’re finished, tell your friends to stop wasting their time with the hot dog filter and go get a real hot dog from Ken’s Best Wurst. Arts Fest is the only time Ken is out during the summer, and if your friends don’t take advantage of that opportunity, then they’re not really your friends.

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