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The State Patty’s Beast

Open up your wallets and purses and pull out your (hopefully valid) IDs. Does the date on your ID state that you were born on February 25, 1993 or earlier? If so, in the United States you are a LEGAL adult! Does it say that you were born February 25, 1990 or earlier? If so, that means you're 21 and can legally drink in the United States!

Respect The DJ: 2nd Nature at Cell Block

It’s not very often that I’ll write and promote for the competition (I manage entertainment at Indigo), but I can’t go without giving props to DJ Scooter and Ikon of the Cell Block for bringing Scooter’s Crooklyn Clan cohort and fellow video DJ 2nd Nature to town. The Details… Where: The Cellblock, 420 E College […]

Recovering From Thirsty Thursday

Skipping morning classes on Friday is certainly a routine for a lot of Penn Staters that go out on Thursday night and start their weekend pretty early. Even though I’m an alum and not a student I find myself dragging my hungover carcass out of bed and showing up at the office around noon on […]

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