Recovering From Thirsty Thursday

Skipping morning classes on Friday is certainly a routine for a lot of Penn Staters that go out on Thursday night and start their weekend pretty early.

Even though I’m an alum and not a student I find myself dragging my hungover carcass out of bed and showing up at the office around noon on Fridays.

I prefer to do mini bar tours on Thursday. Start off at Inferno for some grub and a drink or two, then hit up the Den for a bit and maybe Tony’s or Lulu’s before ending up at my favorite spot Indigo (in the interest of full disclosure I do work at Indigo). Of course, there’s no rhyme or reason for what order I visit places.

Even though it’s “Thirsty Thursday” I notice that Penn Staters try to drink a little more carefully than on a Friday or Saturday. Instead of having ten (one) dollar teas and three or four shots students usually opt for five or six drinks – still enough to do damage, but not enough damage that they can’t recover to party again on Friday and Saturday.

So now it’s Friday. I made it to the office, still smelling like booze, but I made it (thank god for Starbucks).

Where’d you go last night? What’s your favorite Thursday hotspot in town? Leave some comments and let me know.

Also, when scheduling your classes remember this: no classes on Friday before 1 PM. You’ll thank me for this advice.

DJ Kid A.V. is a full time DJ, a part time tech geek, and a lover of all things Blue and White. You can download his music for free at and follow him on twitter at

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