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Author: Janelle Rothacker

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Janelle Rothacker

Currently a senior studying Kinesiology, Janelle is proud to call upstate NY (the real part, not the 30 minutes north of the city part) home. She's an avid runner and enjoys everything and anything sports. She also has a love of pancakes, avoids the HUB like the plague during the in between classes rush, and can quote the majority of Friends episodes from memory. If you want to hear all the embarrassing things she does daily, or want to contact her, follow her on twitter at @janellerothack or email her at [email protected]

Student Life

Astro 001: Space, Planets, And The Meaning Of Life

Astro 001 allows students to learn more about the universe, planets, and stars through the lens of a video game.


GoFundMe Page Pledges To ‘Save Penn State Basketball’ By Buying Out Pat Chambers

If you're holding your breath waiting for fans to buy out Pat Chambers, you might want to consider opening your wallet. As of Sunday night, the campaign had raised only $10.


Penn State Chief Of Police Resigning After Two Years On The Job

Keith Morris is resigning to "pursue other professional opportunities" and spend more time with his family.


Danae Rivers Opens Track Season With NCAA Record

Danae Rivers doesn't seem to be familiar with the term "rust buster."


111 People Short of 111,000 In Beaver Stadium: What The 111 People Missing Could Do

The Penn State crowd was just 111 people away a from an even 111,000. What were those missing 111 people doing?

Isaiah Harris Blends In With The Crowd On Campus But Stands Out On The Track

While he may blend in while walking from class to class, Isaiah Harris is unmistakable in the track and field world.

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