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Hoops Madness and Big Sean Impress at Rec Hall

Last night marked the unofficial start to basketball season as the second annual Hoops Madness was held in Rec Hall. The event featured both the Men's and Women's team along with a concert by Big Sean and guest appearance from Bill O'Brien.

Get Excited, It’s Homecoming

Now I know when Northwestern is brought up, a majority of people think of Stepbrothers, but what Pat Fitzgerald has done with the Wildcats the past few years is remarkable. The Wildcats are 5-0 and nationally ranked, and given the fact they haven't won a Big Ten Championship in over a decade, they are hungry to show people that they are among the top dogs in the conference.

THON FT5K to be Held October 13th

One of the newer, and exciting, fundraisers the IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon has to offer is the FT5K. The annual 3.1 mile fun run, which started 12 years ago, has boasted one of the most exciting atmospheres outside of the February THON weekend.

The State of Penn State and Big Ten Football

Four weeks of Division I Football have now passed, meaning that most non-conference and cupcake games are now finished. This now means that inner-league matches will commence. While this is great news for some, those first four games are actually detrimental in measuring the strength of other teams and conferences as a whole. The Big Ten was 33-13 in non-conference games which may not seem bad on paper, but is actually underwhelming.

Who is The Willard Preacher?

It's around 12 o'clock on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Gary Cattell is about to begin his work, as he does most days at this time. He has meticulously picked his spot at the base of the Willard Building steps, partially for acoustics, but mainly because a majority of students have classes there. He takes his position next to the steps with a plaza surrounded by bike racks and bushes. The Willard Preacher is ready to begin.

Library to Host Annual Open House Next Week

I distinctly recall the first time I walked the Patee Mall to enter the Patte-Paterno Library, it felt like I was entering this. While I did not stroll by to search for the Holy Grail, I wanted to take a look around one of, if not THE, best University library in the country. I was soon to learn that I had no idea where I was. Since the place is twice the size of my high school, I quickly got lost.

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