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Author: Matthew Fox

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Matthew Fox

Matt is a Senior from Lansdale Pennsylvania majoring in Broadcast Journalism. He loves sports, and is still patiently waiting for the Philadelphia Flyers to win a Stanley Cup. If you would ever like to reach out to Matt you can email him at [email protected].


No. 19 Penn State Hockey Obliterates Wisconsin 8-2

An offensive explosion powered Penn State past Wisconsin in Friday night's series opener.


Overheard On The BJC Concourse

The concourse of the BJC is always bustling during THON weekend. With so many people going to so many different places you’re bound to stumble into a few funny quotes.


How Many Calories Do Dancers Burn During THON?

The average dancer would burn a total of approximately 7,820 calories over the course of the weekend -- the equivalent of 240 Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, 174 Oreo cookies, 49 bags of Skittles, 14 Big Macs, nine Philly cheesesteaks, or five large pizzas..


Five Ways To Stay Awake During THON

46 hours is a long time to be on your feet and awake. Here are a few ways to help keep yourself upright and avoid the inevitable lulls of THON weekend.


Club Water Polo Mixes Inter-Tube Tournament Into ‘Typical’ Fundraising Fold

THON weekend is only possible because of the dozens of THON organizations on campus. One of these is the Club Water Polo THON org, which consists of member from both the men's and women's Penn State Club Water Polo teams.


Overheard In The Water Fountain Line At THON

The one thing the long line does provide is an opportunity to overhear funny things and some random people’s drama.

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