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Purple Wins Color Wars 2018

Purple chose to kick last year’s winner,¬†Orange, from competing in 2019.

Breaking: You Won’t Want To Miss The Bungee Jumpers Encore Performance At THON On Sunday

It’s official: The Bungee Jumpers are returning later today for their second performance of THON 2018, and they have something special in store for us…

When To Arrive At The BJC In Order To See The Final Four

Recent years indicate that you’ll want to be inside the BJC before sunrise Sunday morning if you want to see the Final Four in person.

My Hero Zero Rocks The BJC After Pep Rally Saturday Night

Although the Pep Rally is a tough act to follow, My Hero Zero has years of THON experience to back it up. 

Nittany Lions-Turned-Pros Visit THON Pep Rally

Stephen Wisniewski and Jesse James were named captains of the annual THON pep rally.

The Red Hotts (Very Loudly) Rock The BJC Saturday Afternoon

The Red Hotts took to the stage at the BJC on Saturday afternoon to perform in front of a relatively packed crowd.

I Spy: THON 2018 Edition

Looking for five minutes of entertainment during THON? Play our expertly crafted iSpy game.