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SNAP And DKE Raise Superhero Letters For THON Child Lucas

“That’s all he would talk about: Superheroes,” said Adam Ruggiero, a DKE brother. “Why not make it his favorite theme?”

‘Where Is My Org?’: Your THON 2018 Guide To The BJC Arena

Can’t find your org? Here’s a list of where everyone’s set up for the next 46 hours.

MisterWives Hypes The THON 2018 Crowd With Surprise Performance

Though THON 2018 is only a few hours old, MisterWives infused the energy early on with a surprise performance.

Penn State Football Players Unable To Participate In THON Program Saturday

The NCAA ruins everything.

THON 2018 Debuts Snapchat Filter

It’s certainly an improvement on last year, when THON kicked off without filter or a story due to an issue with getting designs approved. However compared to years past, the filter isn’t quite at the same level.

Creamery Announces New Ice Cream Flavor, THON Gold Ribbon Ripple

“We were honored when THON came to us about doing a special flavor,” said Jim Brown, assistant manager of creamery operations. “We thought what better way to pay tribute to the children and their families, and this amazing event.”

Student-Athlete Dancers Ready For THON, Pep-Rally Showdown

Women’s soccer’s Megan Schafer and football’s Charlie Shuman are back for another 46 hours on the floor. They’ll be joined by women’s soccer’s Sarafina Valenti, field hockey’s Delani Higgins, and men’s golf’s Connor Raeman. There will also be two athlete dancers outside of SAAB — football’s Nick Scott and softball’s Kristina Brackpool.