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Drunk, Sober, High: Escape Room

Some people on our staff have issues. We like to exploit those issues when we can, so we sent three staffers to try the Escape Room in Calder Alley in each of their preferred states of consciousness.

Drunk, Sober, High: Clifford The Big Red Dog Live

A select few Onward State staffers took to the Eisenhower Auditorium in varying states of inebriation for the showing of "Clifford The Big Red Dog Live!"

Drunk, Sober, High: Bid Day 2015

We at Onward State couldn’t miss the opportunity to experience bid day in our three most beloved states of mind. That being said, we present to you one competent, and two absolutely inebriated, staff members in the latest edition of Drunk, Sober, High.

Drunk, Sober, High: On The White Loop

If you’re at all familiar with Penn State freshman culture, you’re familiar with the infamous “White Loop.” This bus makes endless loops throughout the week, shuttling freshmen to classes, as well as out to fratland. Our staff selected three lucky writers to be designated drunk, high, or delightfully sober during a night-time experience on the white loop during syllabus week. Here are our recollections of this unforgettable escapade.

Drunk, Sober, High: Silent Disco at Levels

We sent three of our writers in various states of inebriation to Levels Nightclub to check out one of newest trends in nightlife: the silent disco.

Drunk, Sober, High: Speed Dating at Willard

We sent three reporters to a speed-dating event at Willard Building in varying forms of inebriation. Here are their accounts of what went down.

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