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about 4 years ago

2011 White Out T-Shirt Announced

Whiteout shirt

Penn State students can begin planning their football Saturday attire, as yesterday The Daily Collegian announced the winner of their White Out t-shirt contest.

The winner was Design B, which was my personal favorite but failed to impress our readers in last week’s poll. It¬†features a basic yet effective design and incorporates the “Success With Honor” mantra within the student section “S Zone” on the back.

If burying the announcement under THON coverage was the plan, it certainly succeeded.¬†If not for a tweet on my timeline, I would have completely missed it on page 21 of the paper. It is nowhere to be found on their website either. However, given the amount of criticism that has come with the last few White Out shirts, releasing this year’s winner without much promotion probably makes sense.

What do you think? Do you plan on buying this shirt? Why or why not? Comment or tweet me at @JohnTCpsu.

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