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It's almost time to head back home and slave away with your recently landed internship or lousy paying busboy job, but don't fret. If you live close enough to Happy Valley to journey back for a good time, here are the five events you should not miss out on.
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Judy Meisel, a Holocaust survivor and human rights activist, will be speaking tonight from 8 to 11 p.m. in 112 Buckhout. Meisel will be discussing her experiences growing up in Lithuania during the German invasion in 1941 and other remarkable moments of her life.
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Looking for a haircut anytime soon? Onward State has created a list of some of the best salons and barber shops in town. If you're confused or puzzled as to where to get your shiny locks trimmed or cut, keep on reading to figure out which hair service best suits your desires.
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IM Building
A virtual tour of the Phase I renovation of the IM Building has been released, and from what it looks like, the project is going to be very successful. The $26.1 million partial renovation has become a mission in order to meet student demand for fitness facilities. Take a look inside the future home of intramural sports at Penn State after the jump.
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If you’re interested in learning about “The Technology Behind Animated Films,” head on over to the HUB Alumni Hall this Thursday at 9 p.m. Presented by the PSU Korean Student Association, Dr. Gene Lee from Disney Animation Studios will be speaking.
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Baylor Harlem Shake
Want to be a part of Penn State’s Harlem Shake? Well, here’s your chance. The Harlem Shake has blown up all over YouTube and is now making its appearance right here on campus with nearly 3,000 people RSVP'd to attend a filming on the HUB lawn.
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tinder app
Recently released by Hatch Labs, Inc., a free iPhone app called Tinder is growing in download popularity quickly across campus. Created for "finding interesting people around you," college students are utilizing Tinder as a way of anonymously "liking" or "skipping" students nearby on their phone.
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Ever heard of the term Sugar Daddy? You know, when a rich older man smothers a young, attractive woman with luxurious gifts? A new study has rated Penn State as number 12 on the top 20 list of fastest growing “Sugar Baby” schools according to, a website created for individuals seeking mutual beneficial relationships.
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Christian Hackenurg
Meet Christian Hackenberg, senior quarterback at Fork Union Military Academy who committed to Penn State as of February 29th, 2012 over schools Alabama, Miami, Connecticut, and Virginia. Recruited by Charles London, Hackenberg holds the number one spot on both of ESPN150's Top 100 Quarterbacks and Top Virginia Recruits database. Hackenberg is expected to officially sign his talent over to the Nittany Lions in February, leading to his quarterback stardom in the fall.
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Miss out on the last THON merch sale? Well, here's your second chance to pick up some apparel or accessories. Shirts, sweatpants, headwear, and decorations will be available for purchase from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m at the HUB tomorrow.
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IFC frat app
Jordan Rolon has just created a fancy new app for all young men aspiring to join a fraternity this spring. Although some apps remain a waste of a download on your iphone, The IFC Recruitment app provides essential information for Penn State users.
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Merry Christmas Nittany Lion at Penn State
Now that Thanksgiving Break is over, it's about time to get into the Christmas spirit. There’s nothing better than stepping into a room full of holiday décor after walking around in Happy Valley’s chilly temperatures. If you have any desire to transform your apartment or dorm room into a festive abode in time for the holiday, read on for several helpful tips.
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After last night’s election process, Penn State’s Panhellenic Council (@PennStatePHC) chose Rachel Franceschino (@rachelfran1) of Alpha Delta Pi as their new Executive President. Also the Governmental Affairs Chair of UPUA, Franceschino will work with seven other members of various sororities for a full year organizing events for the 22 chapters on campus. We sat down with Rachel for 10 questions about her new role with the PHC.
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Mauti Post Game
Have you ever dreamt of going on a date with Penn State’s super-attractive star football linebacker, Michael Mauti? Well, now’s your chance. Held in the Hub Auditorium tonight from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., PSMA will be hosting their annual Date Auction where students are able to win a date with men and women Penn State Athletes.
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Dean Christian Brady has just recently lost his mustache after shaving it off at a “shaving party” in Atherton Hall last night at 6:30 p.m. We have all been very attentive to the fact that this month has been about raising awareness and money for the treatment of breast cancer, and now it’s time broaden that awareness to another form of cancer. Brady, along with team members Steven Bookbinder, Ben Stewart, James Halpin, Melissa Doberstein, and Erhan Selvi have decided to work together in hopes of raising funds and attention for prostate cancer treatment and research. This has been a big moment in history for Brady, claiming that he has lived a fulfilling life with his beard/mustache for a remarkable twenty years. The beard was said to have stayed on due to the fact that his kids would stop conversing with him if he lost it.

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Last month SNL released a video titled, “Gilette Masters of Style,” where once again Jason Sudeikis decided to mock Jerry Sandusky. The short one-minute spoof commercial proves to be completely random, pointless, and just simply not even funny.
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Beach 2012 020
What better way to get in the Halloween spirit than participating in the Arboretum’s second annual Pumpkin Festival? All ages of the State College community are welcome to join in the cheerful celebration from October 14th to the 20th.
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It’s been a little over a month since we’ve all moved back to the happiest of valley’s and it’s time for some change. I know you’re sick of walking into that blandly decorated dorm room cubicle or shabby apartment with hospital color walls. Well, if you’re ready to spice things up a little and get that chill atmosphere going keep on reading for some DIY projects.
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My first thought as I’m walking into The Fraser Street Deli: holy shit this menu is freaking huge. And by huge, I mean there are around two hundred diverse arrays of Boar’s Head Brand Meats and Cheeses, along with 12 different choices of locally baked bread.
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Stadium WiFi
A popular complaint this past weekend at the football game -- aside from the dismal outcome -- was the fact that the wifi and new PSU gameday mobile app completely sucked. According to Penn State Athletics, upgrades were supposed to occur. Evidently, this was not the case.