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Student Life represents all the elements of the college experience at Penn State University. Creepy professors, drink specials, the location of the secret Coca-Cola machine, tomfoolery, chicanery, bedlam, and more.

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beer pong
Welcome to the best weekend of the summer, everyone. In our excitement for Arts Fest, we got to thinking: Among Penn State's many great weekends, which is its best?
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After many mini-panic attacks and frantic enterings of student ID numbers, the annual Penn State student ticket sale is complete. And there was no Ticketmaster crash this time!
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foster good
Get your pumped up kicks ready because Foster the People will perform at the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday September 5th.
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color run
"The Happiest 5K On The Planet," The Color Run is making its return to Penn State on Sunday, Sept. 14 as part of its 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour.
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eisenhower parking
One of the most annoying tasks Penn State students have to do will be a thing of the past starting in fall.
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State Patty's Day - Are U Hungry Line
Are U Hungry and its glorious Fat Bitches were ranked among one of the best drunk food locations in America by
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image (1)
Ross Holland's HUB wheelie is the wheel deal (I'm sorry). As I type this, it is on its 46th hour, and it has obliterated the previous wheelie world record of 10 standing hours. We got to ask the wheelie maestro 10 questions.
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wheelchair guy
Balance is one of the many fundamentals of life. It's a life-saver, gravity-tester, and all around great idea, really. It's also been one thing that senior Ross Holland, set to challenge the world record for longest standing wheelchair wheelie today, has always been good at.
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Finals Week Library
“Do less,” our ancient ancestor bros once cried as they shotgunned their ancient Nattys. It's a philosophy that many human sloths, like myself, live by. Up until recently, this lifestyle has come with a heaping helping of guilt. Shouldn't I start that paper that was assigned today? Shouldn't I color code my planner? Shouldn't I just generally work harder than I do? Well, human sloths, rejoice! A team of Penn State psychologists has proven that “pre-crastinating” is just as harmful as procrastinating.
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This recent Penn State alum was featured in the popular documentary "Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony."
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