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How is everyone getting home for Thanksgiving break? There are a number of methods, but which is the best? The answer is circumstantial, but make sure you know your options. Here are some more unusual ones:

For people living anywhere from Harrisburg to Lancaster, try the shuttle between University Park and the Hershey Medical Center. It leaves UP at 7:00 am and 4:30 pm every weekday. It takes about two hours and fifteen minutes to get there.  The seats are OK but you can’t beat free!

Another unusual way to get a ride is the Penn State Craig’s List. We think it is, overall, just an underutilized resource. For instance, there was a guy offering a ride to Pittsburgh this morning. He just needed help paying for the gas.

Greyhound and Fullington Trailways (their intro video is kind of a throwback) are also options.

And for those who live outside of Pennsylvania, check out the offerings at the State College airport. It isn’t economical for the rest of us. Their website says a ticket from State College to Harrisburg costs $1,755! A flight to Philly starts at just $898…

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