Senior Class Gift Committee Tags Gifts

We went around yesterday and took some pictures of the jumbo gift tags that the Senior Class Gift Committee put on past Class Gifts to raise awareness. Here’s the original post about the jumbo tags.

The Peace Garden was donated by the Class of 1997.
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The aquarium was donated by the Class of 1999.

The bronze armillary sphere was donated by the Class of 1966.

Members of the Class of 2009 can pledge their general deposit here.

Additionally, you can find the full list of Class Gifts here.

[Fun fact: the first gifts were donated by the Class of 1861. The gifts were a portrait of President Pugh and Civil War soldiers memorial tablets. Were not sure what the story behind the Civil War soldiers memorial tablets is though, because the Civil War was just starting in 1861. Maybe an archivist can give us some answers?]

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