Welcome Back!

Well, my first day back was great, but I only had one class (with Glenn Palmer nonetheless, quite a character). I almost have all my textbooks. The snow on the ground is beautiful. As the semester goes on, Onward State will start rolling again. This semester there will be some cool new features that I hope you enjoy. Until then, while we get back in the swing of things, posts will be a little irregular (haha), but trust that we’ll be in peak posting form in a short time.

In the meantime, @Daehee on Twitter brought a great website to my attention: IST Cam, a live, constantly updating webcam of the IST Building. This site would be great for seeing the weather if you’re like me and just too lazy to look out the window. Or… you could use it to look at, in my opinion, one of the coolest buildings at Penn State.

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Eli is a junior majoring in International Politics. He enjoys paninis and books.


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