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I send my best regards to everyone canning this weekend for THON – stay warm out there and dress your best!  We want to put our best foot forward representing Dear Old State in the “real world”.  For all of you who are still on campus this weekend, here’s a few photos to hold you over until everyone returns from their philanthropic exploits.


A Pair of Brothers (They wanted me to make sure I noted it).  College Ave.

Bringing an urban feel to Central Pennsylvania.  The use of dark colors is fitting for the winter and gives off a pseudo-formal appeal.  Both are nightlife ready, canning weekend or not!


Jeremy.  The Halls of Willard Building.

Jeremy has a classic appeal that would make any of J.Crew’s designers applaud.  The red chinos are a fantastic way of incorporating colors into the typically dark, neutral winter catalog.

Dog Boy

My Dog (or “Dawg”, if you will).  Outside the HUB.

The Natty Nittany, while generally focused on good fashion, stands behind the belief that a truly great appearance requires a modest amount of risk taking.  I commend anyone who risks being in the public eye in this outfit.  While the mystery pooch was probably much warmer than me, I can’t help but admire their courage (and loyalty).  Take a note from this (guys especially!): philanthropy is one of the most attractive accessories one can wear.

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