PSU Grad Publishes A-Rod’s Secrets


Joe Torre recently released The Yankee Years, about his tenure with the New York Yankees. However, it is not an autobiographical memoir, as some people think it is. The book was actually written by Tom Verducci, Penn State Class of 1982. Verducci got a B.A. in Journalism while here and currently works for Sports Illustrated. When SI asked him about the book, he said:

The book is not a first-person book by Joe Torre, it’s a third-person narrative based on 12 years of knowing the Yankees and it’s about the changes in the game in that period. Seems to me the New York Post assigned this third-person book entirely to Joe Torre and that’s not the case. In fact, if people saw that Post story they probably noticed there are no quotes from Joe Torre in it. Joe Torre does not rip anybody in the book. The book really needs to be read in context.

The New York Times said the book does “a nimble, if at times cursory, job of reanimating the long highlight reel of the Torre era.”

HT: Penn Stater Magazine

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