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Dear Diary,

fakegrahamspanierEverything is right with the world. Penn State men’s basketball beat Iowa in a squeaker. The University continues to purchase property, while at the same time letting faculty know not to expect raises. I finished my needlepoint of Old Main in record time. Also, have you seen those commercials for Touch of Grey by Just for Men? I suppose not. You’re a piece of paper. That being said, I find it quite interesting that this product even exists. It is quite a departure from the original Just for Men, which basically said that if you had any grey hair you were instantly that creepy old guy at the bar hitting on chicks. I guess now, because the demographic they’re focused on is getting older, to the point where total youthful hair color seems a little disingenuous, it’s ok to have a little grey. They say that grey connotes experience and hair color connotes youth so their product is a good mix of both.

Hogwash! To me, this reeks of the same reasoning that went into the mullet (Business in the front, party in the back). I take offense to these commercials. I’ve been making grey look good for as long as I remember. Since birth would not be too far off an estimation. It’s just frustrating. Sandra looooves it BTW.



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