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Chad is all about good times, good vibes, and good brews. He tries to reflect this in his writings in between Ultimate Frisbee matches.

Natty Chad and the Two-Year Spring Break

Hi. My name is Chad. You may not remember me, but I used to write a column for Onward State called the Bro Call. I've been missing in action for over two years now. Read on to find out why.

Bro Call: Dizzy Gillespie All Star Big Band – What A Disappointment!

Chad is an occasional contributor to Onward State. Check out his other posts for some context on just who he is. Hello to all of my loyal readers! Man, it sure has been a while since I last blogged! Sorry about that. It’s a long, crazy story. Let’s just say I “binge drank for 6 […]

Bro Call: Another Successful Greek Week

Brothers and sisters, I am in mourning, for as of yesterday, Greek Week 2009 has officially ended. But let’s just recap how sweet of a week it was! On Monday I played kickball outside of the HUB lawn with all of my brothers. It was a MASSIVE game and a whole bunch of people showed […]

Bro Call: Fashion Revisited

Hey bros. Sorry for my lack of updates recently, I sprained my wrist shotgunning beers and haven’t been able to type. I’m all better now, though. Yesterday, some new writer for Onward State, Sebastian, made this ridiculous post about “fashion”. He referenced my previous writings on it, and said “If Chad would wear it, don’t”. […]

Bro Call: Introspection and Re-evaluating Life

Hello bros, or should I say, intellectual peers. Chad here again. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking in these past few weeks, being very introsepctive or whatever, you know? I’ve decided that the way I act on a day-to-day basis is totally immature. People look at me and can’t see past the backwards baseball […]

Bro Call: The Ideal Spring Break Fling

The time is upon us, Brodeo Clowns. Spring break officially starts tomorrow (although I haven’t gone to class in 2 weeks, so it’s already started for me!), which means a cruise, booze, and cool dudes. Of course, there will also be more hot babes than you can shake a hackeysack at. So, you must be […]

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