Getting ready for THON, reading the documents

This is a collection of interesting facts we’ve come across about THON.

According to this passage from the THON Rulebook, THON groups aren’t allowed to ask any businesses in the area for money. I wonder how much this actually happens…

2.1.4    Solicitation of Local (Centre County) Companies: No group may solicit Centre County or State College businesses. The ONLY exception to this is if a member or alumni of the organization currently works at the business. In that case, the organization must notify the Overall Donor Relations Chairperson, Annie Keyes ([email protected]), in 210 HUB/Robeson, PRIOR to the first contact. In addition, the New Company Contact form must be filled out on THINK. Once this form has been approved, contact can be made. This contact CANNOT be made PRIOR to the October 1st, 2008 solicitation date.

I think we’ll probably see some Supersoakers, even though the THON Rulebook prohibits them.

4.4    Supersoakers: NO SUPERSOAKERS WILL BE PERMITTED IN BRYCE JORDAN CENTER (BJC) FOR THON 2009. Small squirt guns are permitted, but anything with a tank or ability to create damage is prohibited. The Overall Committee reserves the right to confiscate at any time throughout the weekend.

This is the list by the THON Chair Guide to the Bryce Jordan Center of what to bring your dancer. I was confused by this until I realized the iterms were actually  FTK.


Makes sense… it’d be really unfair to tell someone who has been awake for two days that they are a mess. This is also from the THON Chair Guide to the Bryce Jordan Center.

Say things such as, “you’re doing great”. NEVER say things such as “wow, you look terrible” or tell them the time.  If you see that a dancer looks out of it or lost, instead encourage them to participate in activities on the floor…

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