Day: March 25, 2009

“Movin’ On” at Other Schools

So now that you know who is headlining Movin’ On, your first thoughts are probably, “How could this happen? Why is the headliner a band that usually opens for other bands? What music artists do other schools bring for their spring concerts?” I can’t answer the first two questions, but the last one I can. […]

Potter Nerds Can Be Jocks, Too

Are you one of the many children who shed a tear or two when your eleventh birthday rolled around… and you didn’t get a letter inviting you to Hogwarts? Well you’re in luck! As it turns out, once Harry Potter fans reach a certain level, athletic activity shoots up; here’s why: The Harry Potter Club […]

The Spill Canvas To Headline “Movin’ On”

As we reported earlier today, the alternative rock band The Spill Canvas will be headlining this year’s Movin’ On music festival. The Collegian posted an article on Monday regarding the band’s announcement, showing the justification behind picking them as the headliner: “We looked up a bunch of different acts, but we chose Spill Canvas because […]

Pride Week Rally at Old Main

This is our first video yall, so be nice… next one will be more polished. Pride Week Rally at Old Main — Onward State from Davis Shaver on Vimeo.

Overheard on Twitter

Agreed. We must keep the mothers happy. On a sidenote, Cornwall is very busy lately. This is second time we’ve written about him this week.

Collegian Wags the Dog (or God?)

Last Thursday, an article in the Collegian described the tension between the Penn State Atheist/Agnostic Association (PSAAA) and other religious groups over allocation of space in the Pasquerilla Spiritial Center to the former group. Many religious student groups, such as the Christian Student Fellowship and the Newman Catholic Association, though supportive of PSAAA as an […]

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