Potter Nerds Can Be Jocks, Too

potterjocks2Are you one of the many children who shed a tear or two when your eleventh birthday rolled around… and you didn’t get a letter inviting you to Hogwarts? Well you’re in luck!

As it turns out, once Harry Potter fans reach a certain level, athletic activity shoots up; here’s why: The Harry Potter Club has formed Quidditch teams that play Muggle Quidditch around campus.

You don’t have to be a member of the club to watch or play. The next game hasn’t been announced yet, but look out for Slytherpuff and Team Sparkles! The fun wizard sport has a Facebook event, where you can check to see where and when it will be next.

Muggle Quidditch adheres to the rules of real Quidditch as much as possible (ed. note: real Quidditch?). There are chasers, who try to get large balls through any of the three hoops at either end of the field (these are usually hula hoops); beaters, who use bats to whack balls at players in order to “freeze” them for a certain period of time; a keeper, who is like a goalie; and a seeker. It is the seeker’s job to find / tag the snitch, which wins their team a large sum of points and ends the game.

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