Heroin Is Expensive

afghanistan-heroin-war-on-drugs-terrorHey. Remember that guy who got caught with all those bags of heroin a few days ago? We wrote about it, if you recall. The writer of that post wondered just how much the heroin Kissel was packing would cost on the street. We now have an answer.

The bags — which police say total $5,760 in value, or $30 per bag — were discovered in the pockets of Jonathan M. Kissel, 522 E. College Ave., at about 3 a.m. Saturday after two passersby found Kissel unconscious and helped him to the porch of a 500 block South Pugh Street apartment, police said.

That’s a lot of money. If I had that much heroin in my pockets, I would be careful not to get too drunk and pass out, especially because then someone could steal your shit without you noticing. Kissel could have just protected his stash, but instead, now he’ll have to protect his ass.

By that, I mean: He is going to jail, maybe for a while.



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