Month: March 2009

Nittany Nation Descends on Manhattan

This is country college in the big city, I guess, but the Nittany Nation has begun descending on Manhattan. PennStateNacho uploaded this picture of the Fullington convoy that is taking students and other fans to tonight’s game at Madison Square Garden. We’ll be live-blogging the game, as Mark mentioned earlier, so be sure to check […]

Heroin Is Expensive

Hey. Remember that guy who got caught with all those bags of heroin a few days ago? We wrote about it, if you recall. The writer of that post wondered just how much the heroin Kissel was packing would cost on the street. We now have an answer. The bags — which police say total […]

Onward State’s NIT Semifinal Live Blog

What: Our second Live Blog using Cover It Live technology – a panel of Onward State writers will be covering the Penn State Men’s Basketball game against the Fighting Irish, weaving your comments into a rich tapestry of play-by-play, color commentary, and Notre Dame trash talk. The live blog will be great for those that […]

By Mark

Rally In The Garden

Tonight at 6:30, the Pride of the Lions Pep Band, cheerleaders, and the Nittany Lion will host “Rally In The Garden”.  This pep rally will be held in the Theatre Lobby before the Nittany Lions battle the Fighting Irish.  According to Penn State Live, The best entry point for the Theatre Lobby is through the […]

Not Your Grampa’s Creationist

In fact, he’s not a creationist at all, at least not in the literal sense. Dr. Michael Behe, biochemistry professor at Lehigh University, was invited by the Science and Bible Club to speak last night, reviewing the arguments of his two controversial books Darwin’s Black Box and The Edge of Evolution, directly challenging Darwin’s theory […]

Overheard on Twitter

That’s good to hear. The trio’s second and final performance will be tomorrow night at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Kudos to the Center for the Performing Arts for snagging such an amazing group of musicians!

10 Days Of Penn State Football To Remember

While the drought is over for Penn State fans, there’s not much out there in the way of football news, besides that JoePa is 100%, Sean Lee is chomping at the bit to return, and the graduating class has left a lot of holes for young talent to fill. Fortunately, there are articles like the […]

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