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I prefer posting on Mondays, but I needed time to recover from that god-awful performance known as Movin’ On.  What’s worse than shitty mainstream music?  Shitty mainstream music from five years ago.  Whatever.

I finally got that tattoo of a little black dot on my right hand.  Matilda asked me if I always had that mole.  But it’s not a mole; it’s a beauty mark.  And it’s not a beauty mark; it’s a black dot tattoo, symbolizing my insignificance in this vast, cold universe.

Yesterday, I almost left my MacBook in Websters.  My short encyclopedia on 17th century France weighs exactly the same as my 15″ MacBook Pro (2.49 kg).  I had the encyclopedia in my messenger bag instead of my MacBook, and I only realized my error when I turned back to refill my double mocha latte.  Close call, Sebastian, close call.

So it turns out I’m bisexual.  Saturday night I was halfheartedly dancing with this gay guy, which was totally cool.  But things happened, and we hooked up in the bathroom.  Whatever, bisexuality is totally progressive.

Next tattoo… I’m thinking the rainbow Apple logo on my left calf.  Thoughts?

Well, I’ve got to write some love letters to Conor Oberst.  For you mainstreamers, he’s the guy in Bright Eyes.  If you’ve never heard of Bright Eyes, go fuck yourselves.


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