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Day: May 1, 2009

“Green” Pizza Box

So you go to Canyon one night with your friends and get a pizza to go. One problem now. No plates. What’s a drunk frat boy to do? Well, if pizzaria owners invest in this new GreenBox, by Eco Incorporated, it’ll be “problem solved”. The box holds the pizza, keeping it hot, but the top […]

Former GSA President Busted for Alleged Forgery

We hate to have to report on student crime here at Penn State. Especially when it is borne out of desperation. Earlier today we posted about the unfortunate case of the Smeal Investment Club President getting busted, which comes a week after we found out that Raghavan Balaji, the former president of the Graduate Student […]

Going Geek: Does Facebook Own Your Stuff Yet?

Remember a few weeks ago when everybody just about flipped one over Facebook changing their Terms of Service and conveniently leaving out that passage about how you own your own content? Good. Consumer advocacy blog The Consumerist originally broke the story and has been tracking it ever since. They even reminded everybody to vote in […]

Complete List of UP Commencement Speakers

Graduation is coming up quickly. Those who are graduating probably already know when and where they can pick up their degrees, so this public service post is meant for those pleasure platitude seekers who have nothing to do after school lets out for summer. We compiled a bunch of information about each of the graduation […]

Tickets 2k9: The Death of Scalpers

Earlier today, an email went out to all Penn State students regarding purchasing football tickets for next Fall. They have decided to move away from informing via email and are now using a fancy new site to distribute information about dates, etc. With this new site comes a new way that tickets will be handled. […]

Question of the Day: What’s the Verdict?

I’ve said before that we should reserve judgment on Wallypalooza at least until the event actually occurs. Well, that time has come. What did you think? Was Wallypalooza a sterling success? An unfettered case of cronyism? Somewhere in between? Here’s our slideshow from the concert… blow it up to full screen for the best viewing […]

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