Board Releases Statement on Harvey v. Hamilton

The Collegian Board of Directors met privately on Wednesday evening to discuss ‘Harvey v. Hamilton‘ . The Board released a statement that was posted on the Save John Harvey Facebook group .

Here it is:

The Collegian Board of Directors is conducting a thorough review of the
events surrounding the termination of News Director John Harvey.
Directors met for six hours on Wednesday evening, June 3rd – adjourning
at 1:00 a.m. EST. We have initiated actions that will open up the
process and clarify the issues involved. The board understands and
respects the impacts of this situation, and asks for support from our many
stakeholders as we exercise our fiduciary responsibilities; we
respectfully believe our role is to exercise due diligence and that our
approach, though more time consuming, outweighs the merits of a quick

We thank you for your commitment to The Collegian and ask for your
patience and understanding as we examine more completely these very
complicated issues.

The Collegian Board of Directors.

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