Month: July 2009

Swine Flu Invades Penn State

To continue with our ongoing H1N1 coverage, it appears that the illness has hit the University Park campus. A Collegian article reports that ten people are infected. Luckily, all ten are expected to make a full recovery, and it seems like the disease’s spread is being contained. However, this incident has caused some to criticize […]

Overheard on Twitter: Sounds Like a Good Year

Don’t get all ‘coming of age’ about it Brooke!

Documentary By Penn State Staffers Honored

Last month, a documentary created by three staff members from the College of Communications was awarded the CINE Golden Eagle Award, as reported by The Collegian. The documentary, “No. 4 Street of Our Lady”, is about a Polish woman, Francisca Halamajowa, during World War II who saved 16 of her Jewish neighbors. The film’s official […]

Penn State to Enact Lower Tuition Plan

Penn State announced today that they plan to enact the lower of the two tuition scenarios approved by the Board of Trustees last week. Penn State spokesperson Lisa Powers said that support from Pennsylvania’s congressional representatives and state legislators influenced the University’s decision. Out-of-state students will see a tuition increase of 3.7% while in-state students […]

JoePa States Need For “Legitimate [NCAA] Champion”

The folks over at the Berks County News recently sat down with Paterno to discuss many popular topics, including Bobby Bowden, a potential Big Ten championship game, and his opinion on the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). He was remarkably frank regarding the BCS, saying: I think we ought to have a legitimate champion. I don’t […]

Rendell’s Education Funding Plan Rejected

The Department of Education announced today that Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell will have to resubmit a federal stimulus funds request for Pennsylvania higher education schools, and will not be able to leave the four state-related schools (Penn State included) out of the $42 million that Rendell requested. This announcement comes on the heels of numerous […]

Question of the Day: Arts Fest Highlight?

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts took over State College this past weekend, infusing our college town with art and families, two commodities often lacking on campus. But the festivities only last so long. By now, most of us are back at work, daydreaming about the fast-approaching school year or football season, depending on […]

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