The Woes of an Honors Student: A Late Night Scheduling Debacle

One of the perks of the Schreyer Honors College is being able to schedule classes before the general student population can. Honors students get really into it, but last night, we saw the dark side of this enthusiasm.

Scheduling was supposed to begin at midnight last night. Atherton and Simmons were a buzz of nervous energy– i.e., “Should I take COMM 150?” and “What the hell is the 3, 6, 9 thing anyway?”

But at midnight, when honors students tried to log on eLion to submit their six-digit class numbers, all they saw were error messages. As students realized that it wasn’t an isolated problem, the hallways rang out with cries of “is it working yet?” and, more generally, “eLion sucks!”


The Schreyer Scheduling Debacle of 9/9/09 is not over yet though. As of 7:50 this morning, eLion was still not letting honors students schedule their Spring 2010 classes. Ah, the plight of the honors students. First they ask for our scholarships back, then scheduling won’t work… what’s next? In times like this, we turn to the bearded leadership of Dean Brady. We’ll be watching his Twitter for updates on the situation.

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