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IFC LogoIn light of this weekend’s tragedy, the IFC has been going through some public scrutiny when no official fault has been announced. After speaking with some of the Executive Board from the IFC, Onward State has learned a great deal about how the IFC is handling this situation.

By now, it is no secret that the IFC has placed Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) on social probation. The public has been seeking the details about this suspension and some wonder why FIJI is receiving a suspension, but not Alpha Tau Omega (the first fraternity Dado visited Saturday evening). There has also been questioning about the status of the individual brothers of FIJI and how they are holding up. Luke Pierce (senior-economics), IFC President, had the following to say,

At this time, the Interfraternity Council has no evidence to support the suspension of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. The suspension of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity comes as a result of an ongoing police investigation, of which Alpha Tau Omega has not been included.

The Interfraternity Council is prepared to act fairly and justly upon the receipt of any new information in regards to the investigation.

The brothers of FIJI are devastated by the loss of a fellow Penn State student and extend their condolences to the friends and family of Joseph Dado.

As far the rest of the Greek Community, the current Rush process will still continue as planned. Potential new members will receive an e-mail today notifying them that the recruitment process will continue and bids will be extended this coming Monday September 28th and they will be accepted on Thursday October 1st. The e-mail will also express the IFC’s sympathy for Joe Dado, his friends and family, and concerns about the excessive consumption of alcohol. The Executive Board wants potential new members to understand the importance of responsibility and effects of high risk drinking.

While the IFC has not taken Joe Dado’s death lightly, the public needs to step back and stop pointing fingers. In times like this, we should show how great of a community we are, here at Penn State, and recognize that any loss is felt by all. Let us grow from these trying times instead of casting the cold shoulder at people when no official fault has been placed.

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