Sigma Alpha Mu’s Concert Canceled

Following up on our previous post about the Joe Dado Memorial Benefit Concert, Onward State wanted to get the facts about this concert and why it was canceled.

As stated in the previous post, Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy/Sammie) planned to have a benefit concert for the Joseph Dado Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fraternity chapter advertised this event on Facebook and even planned on having donated food/drinks along with live bands. Sounds great, right? Then why was it canceled?

Onward State got in contact with the Zachary Meli (senior – economics), the IFC Vice President of Communications;

The Interfraternity Council and Dr. Baker had asked Sigma Alpha Mu to postpone the event until a later date. The Interfraternity Council supports and encourages fraternities to host events that are beneficial to a particular cause. However, in light of the circumstances, the IFC did not find it appropriate for SAM to host the event without speaking to the Dado family first. Hosting the event on Friday September 25 also conflicted with the viewing of Joseph Dado. The IFC continues to support Sigma Alpha Mu’s idea of hosting the benefit concert in the future.

In addition to Dr. Roy Baker and the IFC requesting that the event be postponed, the Panhellenic Council here at Penn State requested that sorority sisters do not attend this event as the governing body feels the same way about the event that the IFC does.

After all of these requests were made, the chapter finally canceled the event after a representative from Sigma Alpha Mu’s National Fraternity contacted the Penn State chapter’s president.

There has been no word from Sigma Alpha Mu about another date for the Benefit Concert, but we’ll keep you posted as we receive more information.

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