Goreham Hoping to Help State College Go Green

[photo courtesy of flickr.com]Forget the white out people, green is becoming the most important color in State College. At least that’s what State College mayoral candidate Elizabeth Goreham is hoping.

According to The Daily Collegian, the environmentally conscious Borough Council President dropped by Penn State’s Eco-Action meeting on Tuesday to spur involvement in and bolster support for a greener State College.

Goreham’s enthusiasm for a better environment is steadfast as she even rides her bike to work, and if she is elected mayor, she would no doubt bring a strong environmental conscience to State College. In fact, the Borough itself already has a history of giving this luscious land we live on some lovin’ – as can be seen by its 2007 resolution geared toward lending a hand to the land. Resolution 944, which declares State College as a “climate protection community,” has many future green goals set for the area.

If, like me, you feel like a human ‘frogger’ game around campus everyday nearly causing mangled 20 bike pile-ups trying to get to class, then #4 of the resolution would be of interest. It states: “By 2010, establish a network of off-street and on-street designated bike lanes throughout the community.” That may save some innocent victims on wheels from my poor street-crossing timing someday.

Other points of interest in the resolution are as follows:

6.   By 2012, eliminate the use of non-biological spray insecticides by the Borough.

Additionally, reduce the use of all fertilizers and herbicides by 50% from 2007 levels.

7.   By 2009, establish purchasing policies which give preference to products with 50% or more recycled content.

8.   By 2015, establish a free transit service within the Borough.

9.   By 2012, eliminate the use of incandescent bulbs in all Borough facilities.

11. By 2012, establish incentives for the installation of green roofs, rainwater cisterns, and other best management practices to reduce urban runoff.

There are numerous other good ideas listed in the resolution as well.

With the combined environmental consciousness of the State College Borough and Goreham’s commitment to the Green movement, State College should be ecstatic about its future. Look at how beautiful this place is now. Just imagine hiking around newly preserved areas in State College as a result of these new green innovations.

For those of you who associate environmental friendly folk with the likes of face-pasting, flower wearing, peace talking Miss Lippy from Billy Madison, forget about it and start thinking Elizabeth Goreham. The future is bright my friends…bright green.

[Photo courtesy of flickr.com]

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