Coming Out Day Rally Held on Steps of Old Main

NCOD_LogoThe Penn State LGBTQA Student Alliance hosted its own National Coming Out Day celebration yesterday on the steps of Old Main. The event emphasized that all people should feel comfortable in the Penn State community regardless of their sexual identity.

Vice President of Student Affairs Damon Sims attended the event. The Collegian, which had a nice article in today’s paper about the event, reports he said,

I am pleased to be honoring those faced with a world of discrimination and ignorance. The human heart can overpower closed minds.

Sims was just one of many “allies” at the rally. Here’s hoping that there’s an even bigger turn out at the Pride Week rally held each spring. Those who are looking to get more involved with the issue, remember that the deadline for applying to the LGBTA Student Leadership Retreat is Friday at 5:00 pm!

Credit for picture goes to LGBTA Student Resource Center via Tom Bierly.

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