Hooray for Wi-FI!! or Not?

652151110_a8ef87c065_mI’d personally like to welcome Penn State to the 21st century. In case you were unaware, Penn State has finally decided to install Wireless Internet in some of the dorms. I think this is worthy of a round of applause!

However, as Penn State takes one step forward in to the 21st century, it also takes two steps back. The installation on the Wireless Internet will only take place in “common areas” of the residence halls. Housing and Residence Life have no intentions of providing this internet service to any of the dorm rooms.

Many common areas of dorms already have this Wireless Internet feature, but PSU hopes to have this service in 12 dorms in South and Pollock Hall by next semester, only for the mere cost of $85,000.

By Spring 2011, Penn State hopes to have all remaining halls equipped with Wireless Internet, again for the small price of $140,000. Yet, there are no plans to install Wireless in the tower buildings of East Halls due to their proximity to Findlay and Johnson Commons.

This seems to be slightly unfair. Since all on-campus residents are paying the same room and board fees, shouldn’t they all reap the same benefits?

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