Pater-snow-ville Cancelled

It’s snowing out.

A Snowy Paternoville

Yes for those of you who haven’t noticed, semi-frozen pieces of dihydrogen monoxide are coming down from the sky. The implications are endless. Dining-tray sledding, snowball fights, snow men, and no Paternoville for this week. I, along with dozens of groups of dedicated fans who camp out in front of gate A, was informed this morning of the closure through various methods, including a post on their Facebook page:

All campers are allowed to take down their tents up at the stadium. Paternoville has been shut down this week due to the inclement weather and cold temperatures. All campers must be back at Gate A by 11:45am on Saturday. Wristbands will be distributed once you return to the stadium on Saturday. Tents and anything else you may have up at the Stadium must be cleared out by 6:00pm tonight.

It was a dreary sight, as soaked and shivering campers took down their tents and packed up. But no one is complaining too much, as we still get to keep our tickets (EC, row 1!).

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