Dr. Finkelstein Speaks for Palestine

FinkelsteinNorman Finkelstein will speak on campus tonight to discuss the the Palestine/Israel conflict. A pro-Palestinian scholar and orator, he supports the two-state solution, as do most nations.

The Students for Justice in Palestine group, a sponsor of the event, hoped to locate a speaker with opposing viewpoints in order to facilitate a debate of sorts.

They contacted Hillel, Chabad, the Israel Alliance, various members of the Jewish Studies department, and some outside pro-Israel groups. All parties denied the invitation. But why?

According to the SJP, Finkelstein is undebatable. A political scientist focusing on the Palestine/Israel conflict, he knows the facts better than any potential opponents. An American Jew and the son of Holocaust survivors, his enemies can’t pull the all-too-common Anti-Semite card. Also, maybe his fellow scholars recognize the benefits of the two-state solution.

We contacted some Jewish and pro-Israel groups on campus to inquire about their respective rejections. According to representatives, they “lacked interest” and “preferred more constructive interactions.” These responses do show merit.

Debates often create  unnecessary divisions. Perhaps constructive approaches do work better, such as Hillel’s recent Jewish/Palestinian comedy duo presentation.

Regardless, check out his free presentation tonight in the HUB auditorium at 6:30 pm. Learn the facts, and make your own judgments.

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