Hank Foley Promoted

There’s good news and bad news for a lot of Penn State students. Wait, let me back up real quick. If you don’t know who Hank Foley is, he’s currently the Dean of the College of Information Sciences and Technology, and he’s got an impressive resume longer than my…well it’s long. I’m not going to go over all his accolades, that would take too long, but if you want to find out more about him you can read what Penn State Live says about him.

Anyways, the bad news is for all the IST majors out there, and that’s that Dean Foley is leaving you. I’ll give you a moment to go wallow in your sorrow…OK. The good news is that he’s being promoted to the Dean of the Graduate School, as well as Penn State’s vice president for research. So if you’re a graduate student, or involved in any research, look forward to dealing with a great guy during the course of your stay in Happy Valley.

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