Some Things I Learned This Year…

I’m sure many of you checked your email yesterday and received this delightful gem from Penn State:

Here’s the important things I learned from this video:

  • 0:14 – This professor finally made friends this year
  • 0:18 – “I’ll put the values of Penn State against any university in this country”. NUMBER 1 PARTY SCHOOL! WOOO!
  • 0:27 – This guy’s a level 68 mage in his online fantasy world. Hail!
  • 0:38 – How long have you been working here? You JUST decided it was good to be here? I don’t think that’s the message the video is trying to convey…
  • 0:48 – I always feel like I can completely relate to Graham Spanier. He seems like a normal guy, just like me.
  • 1:12 – I don’t know who you are, but you’re my hero
  • 1:19 – You can tell she’s serious about it, because she’s wearing a cute pink scarf. In the library
  • 1:23 – “High” note. ‘Nuff said
  • 1:25 – I think cookie-post-office-man and the last guy should get together. They could have some special cookies and hit a real “high” note
  • 1:26 – Why would writing reference letters EVER be something to get excited about?!?
  • 2:02 – THE man. Gotta love the Dean

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Where did they get some of these people? And why wasn’t JoePa featured? I know what I’m looking forward to in 2010: more uplifting video messages orchestrated by Graham Spanier which fully capture the spirit and very essence of Penn State. Let me hear what you’re looking forward to in the comments.

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