State College to Get New Area Code?

In a world with limited resources, global warming, and increasing doubt in everyday life, what is it that the State College area is running dangerously low on? Phone numbers. Yes, the community surrounding Penn State is running out of digits to follow their 814 prefix.

Apparently the same problem has occurred in the 717 area and the 570 area.  The solution? It’s been suggested that the State College area phones may be split up, and that State College could get a new area code! As a 412-er myself, this doesn’t seem to have the potential to impact my life, but I’m sure that some people’s very foundations will be shaken by this.

The biggest impact I see it having is that local businesses will have to specify their area code rather than just listing 7 digits. What do you think? Life-changing, or no big deal?

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Noah Simmons

Noah is an International Politics major minoring in French. Noah participates in the Mock Trial team, the Sailing Team, and is the president/founder of the Odyssey of the Mind club. Besides pushing the limit of what is journalistically acceptable, Noah enjoys long walks on the beach and football. In a previous lifetime he was William Wallace


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