Google’s Streetview Comes To College, Beaver and Atherton

Google’s impressive and sometimes invasive Streetview imagery has come to downtown State College. The imagery was collected by one of these vehicles with a 360 degree camera mounted on the roof. From what I can tell by the shadows, the general green color of the flora, and the lack of people on the street, the imagery was taken during late May or early June in 2009 on a weekend at around 10 or 11 in the morning. The photos aren’t of the greatest quality, but it’s still pretty cool.

Below you’ll find a couple gems I found during my virtual trips down College and Beaver Avenues and Atherton Street. Most people in the photos have their faces blurred out to protect their privacy and most don’t even pay attention to the camera-laden automobile driving past them.

Let's Just Say He Got The Boot...
Remember all the lovely construction that started in May and ended in October?

Please feel free to post links and pictures if you find anything funny/cool/interesting on Streetview in State College.

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