We Want To Take You Higher!

When Sly Stone of Sly & the Family Stone shouted “I wanna take you higher,” he probably wasn’t thinking about financial aid for college students. But that line can indeed describe Penn State’s substantial aid received from the U.S. Higher Education Act (HEA), which was passed in 1965 by Lyndon Johnson. It must be re-passed by Congress every five years, a measure taken to better allow for improvements.

More specifically, Penn State is a major beneficiary under Title IV of the HEA, which deals with federal student aid programs. In fact, according to information released this month by the U.S. Department of Education, Penn State is the top ranked 4-year public school in Title IV funding, raking in $549,308,028 in total funds.

That’s a hearty amount compared to second place Arizona State University which receives a little over $345,ooo,000. Ohio State came in third with a little over $334,000,000…at least we beat them at something this year.

This brings up a big question: why do you suppose Penn State is the undisputed heavy-weight champion of Title IV funding?

I, for one, am grateful for the HEA and Title IV. Without the Act and its financial opportunities, it would be more difficult for plenty of students, myself included, to continue a higher education.

But what do you all think? What makes Penn State such an HEA powerhouse?


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