Day: January 12, 2010

Men’s Basketball Suffers Another Heartbreaker

Ed DeChellis' team now sits at 0-4 in the Big Ten after losing to the Illini, 53-54, in Champaign.

The Lions outscored Illinois 28-23 in the first period, and held the lead for over ten minutes in the second, only to trip up with 1:16 left in the game. The go-ahead score was enough for the 12-5 Illini, as Penn State finished the game by missing four consecutive jumpers.

It's looking like it might be a long year for the NIT Champions.

Penn State Fight Night

Next month, the Penn State Boxing Team will be hosting a 6-team, 15-fight boxing show in the White Building gym. We all know the first rule of Fight Club, but boxing was the number one varsity sport at PSU from 1923-1954, so they're worth talking about. When the NCAA removed its sanction of boxing, Penn State made it a club sport through the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA), which 24 colleges and universities belong to.

Competing against the dear ol’ blue and white are the brave schools of WVU, Maryland, Georgetown, Lock Haven University, and IUP. But, if you ask me (or probably anyone on campus), none of them stand a chance. Penn State is the best and longest established of the teams.

The under-recognized and under-funded WVU team has come a long way in a short time. G-town is making a name for its relatively young tribe, which began in 2008 with only 7 members. MD is probably one of the more senior members of the group; the club was created in 2004 after a nearly fifty year break. Both IUP and LHU clubs are devoted to safe, disciplined boxing to help students with their health and social lives.

So come support the twelve Nittany Lion fighters February 6th at 6PM in the White Building, and watch us add another sporting win to the long list!

Capital One Bowl Highly Watched

Statistics have rolled in showing that the Capital One Bowl matchup between Penn State and LSU was the fifth most-watched bowl game this season. An astounding 7.8 million households watched our Nittany Lions beat those lame Tigers.

There are some other cool TV statistics for Penn State Football after the jump.

Free Technology Video Tutorials for Students!

Ever wish that you actually knew how to use Final Cut Pro? Or Photoshop? Or any other popular subject on computers? Well you needn't ever wish that again! is an award-winning video tutorials website that offers instruction on thousands of topics - from creating a website with Adobe Dreamweaver to learning Mac OS X, even learning how to use Facebook!

How can you utilize this website, you ask? Well, if you're a Penn State student, you have completely FREE access to every subject on! That's your technology fee hard at work right there! Click here and you will be able to sign into the Penn State portal on with your AccessID. From there, take a look around and see what interests you.

A Call to Arms

Friends, Nittany Lions, State College residents, lend me your ears. In this short time during which we inhabit this earth, it is seldom asked of us to partake in a venture so grand, something so much larger than any individual, that it could define our very existence.

Today is one of those days.

The U.S. News and World Report is once again holding a contest to determine the best alternative media outlet of 2009. We, the defending champions, are one of the four nominees, and while Onward State currently leads in the polls, it's a close race.

Is Penn State for Lovers?

Nittany Booking will be making its grand return to State College this February 17th with a show at SOZO featuring JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights.

The show will also feature post-punk duo The Story Changes, Mark Rose (formerly of Spitalfield), and two local groups: On The Run and British Phil.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and tickets will be only $10. Though you can get them at the door, they will be available in town at a TBA location in advance.

Whatever your opinions were of Hawthorne Heights back in high school, I recommend checking out the show. Five bands for $10 is a steal, and who knows, you may actually enjoy yourself.

This will be Garrett Bogden's first Nittany Booking show of the year, and hopefully it's not the last. If this one is a success, he says he has a few more potential shows lined up.

Keep checking Onward State for more concert updates and coverage.

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