A Call to Arms

Friends, Nittany Lions, State College residents, lend me your ears. In this short time during which we inhabit this earth, it is seldom asked of us to partake in a venture so grand, something so much larger than any individual, that it could define our very existence. Today is one of those days. The U.S. News and World Report is once again holding a contest to determine the best alternative media outlet of 2009. We, the defending champions, are one of the four nominees, and while Onward State currently leads in the polls, it’s a close race.

If you’ve read and enjoyed Onward State this year, if you’ve stuck by us through 2009, and if you love Penn State, it is your obligation to go vote. If that’s not enough for you, the blog that is currently in second is the blog of Mark Titus, a basketball player from…OHIO STATE! By this point I assume that you’re sufficiently riled up, and want to know how you can help. Well, just go to this link where you can vote for Onward State as many times as you want. Right now you clearly have nothing important to do (you’re spending your time reading a blog), so go to the website and vote once, twice, fifty, a hundred times.

Remember, ask not what Onward State can do for you, but what you can do for Onward State

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Noah Simmons

Noah is an International Politics major minoring in French. Noah participates in the Mock Trial team, the Sailing Team, and is the president/founder of the Odyssey of the Mind club. Besides pushing the limit of what is journalistically acceptable, Noah enjoys long walks on the beach and football. In a previous lifetime he was William Wallace


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